Dissecting the heart even deeper…

I love biology, but did that dissection class really tell me all there is to know about the human heart? 

If we cannot empirically test ‘sin’, does it mean it’s not there?

A bit sick, I know- sorry.

Imagine having to prove your love for someone with an empirical test before getting married (‘wait hun, just take a quick love barometer test please’). As great as observable scientific processes may be at explaining the ‘hows?’,  does science really make much of the ‘whys?’

The bible suggests that there is a problem at the root of human nature. That as humans, we are naturally more inward loving. But is this really a problem? Why is it that so often our ‘moral conscience’ guilt-trips us into thinking that we ought to be more outward loving?

And why is it that our often self-centred nature causes so many problems in this world, if after all, that’s just naturally how we are?

Christians believe that we’ve been created to be outward loving, just as is the very essence of the triune God. ‘God the Father’ outwardly pours his love onto his Son. And again, God the Son (Jesus) outwardly pours his love onto us- by dying for a world that put him to death.

However, since sin entered the world, we reversed our love inwardly, wanting to satisfy our own desires. Well, I see this in my life quite a lot at least! That is the basics of ‘sin’. To put ourselves as the main focus, ignoring God by living without any reference to him. But who wants to hear that?


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2 thoughts on “Dissecting the heart even deeper…

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  2. Baby girl, you are wise beyond your years

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