Playing around with the Canon s100 powershot…

Since giving up (drunken amounts of) alcohol, I’ve been able to save up to replace the destroyed DSLR.

However! Recalling having to lug that thing around with me (obviously I’m not a true photographer), I decided to search for a high-end compact. 

After a partial days research, I chose the Canon S100. A bit of an impulse buy.

No regrets so far though. It takes quality shots, has decent manual functions and the low light capabilities are pretty good. Here are some snaps of the sun setting from my window…

I played around with the ISO, but the photos haven’t been enhanced or edited in any way.

Now, what is the best technique of showing you my favourite feature? (p.s turn on sound!)

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7 thoughts on “Playing around with the Canon s100 powershot…

  1. Andy

    I see you’ve had a very productive day 😛 lol


  3. Nice shots – the colors are beautiful! Try composing without the power lines if you can.

  4. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L shots from you window!!! And, I LOVE the slow mo video . . . very, very cool. I want one (Canon S100)–of course, I know it’s not a need and I don’t have money right now for one, but maybe someday (soon?????) . . . –Sara

    • Thanks! The sky around here is so cool!

      Well, my advice: save a pound a day and by the time you have enough, an even better version of the camera will be out! It’s a win win situation. I think.

      -Sarah (oooh, you have no ‘h’)

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