Would you invite Jesus to your party?

I used to think Jesus was just a good, moral teacher. I assumed he was always serious and probably a bit of a drag to have around.

Since reading the historical accounts of him, I couldn’t have been more wrong! There is an aspect of Him that I once overlooked, that is, Jesus was extremely sociable!

It’s shocking just how much people wanted to be around Jesus. He was hugely popular considering at the time on paper he was just a random homeless guy.

But the crowds swarmed around him. People were desperate to even touch his clothes. Many travelled for days just to see for themselves what the fuss was about.

He was that guy who got invited to all the parties.

He was popular with the ladies (especially unique considering how women were viewed back then)

The children loved him.

Jesus genuinely cared for every single person; he even hung out with the biggest outcasts in his society, including prostitutes, lepers and tax-collectors.

He was simply a delight to be around.

Sounds like the ultimate guy.

Of course, that’s not the whole story. What with tearing down temple markets and coming out with controversial claims such as ‘I have not come to bring peace but a sword’ – Jesus didn’t come simply to be Mr Happy Chap. If this man was telling the truth, he came to bring the most important message of all time. That he was coming to save the world… Sounds pretty outrageous doesn’t it?

What kind of guy claims to be equal with God? 

Consequently, all of this exasperated the people around him… Leading to a mixed bag of views.

What is your view?

Those that didn’t seem to like him were ironically, the most religious folk of his day.

I wonder why?

Taken the other morning... It looked like a (many fingered) handprint in the sky!

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6 thoughts on “Would you invite Jesus to your party?

  1. Nirnif Amyra

    Yes, but keep him away from the wine 🙂 🙂

  2. Andy

    awesome photo!! 🙂

    A really good point, people do overlook the fact that Jesus spent so much time with people and showing His love for them. Most definitely the “ultimate guy” 🙂

    He brought us the greatest message of all and the greatest gift of all, Himself. He came to save us from our sins, something we could never do.

    We’ve got to be careful not to get caught up in ‘religion’ and focus on Jesus and following His ways.

  3. I always envisioned Jesus as always happy, smiling, especially when those he prayed for received their healing. I think I would invite him to my party!

  4. There are scores of blogs purporting to write about “Christianity” but yours in one of the freshest and most inspirational around. Well done Cat Woman!

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