Do your hands tell a story?

I love HANDS. Why? Because everyone’s hands tell a story. They’re so personal.

I know a girl who started crying when thinking about her late grandmothers hands. They bring back vivid memories.

… Memories that you can almost physically touch.

My Grandad’s are big, old, strong and veiny from all the years spent (and still at the mighty age of 90) farming.

What is that stain Granda?

I love the permanent black stain on his forefinger from prodding the tobacco into his pipe!

Who has your favourite hand(s)?

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3 thoughts on “Do your hands tell a story?

  1. Elijah held my hand today. Not the chap from the BIble but my 12 week old grandson, small things are often the cutest. Mind you we’d a lll struggle without our own hands – my other favourite hands?
    Hans Joachim Stuck a racing driver! I’m not being serious enough am I?

  2. Andy

    finally reading this, really cool thought! 🙂 Hands are pretty amazing! I’d have to say Shane Warne, cause he can spin a ball miles 😛

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