Be warned about the new cat treat…

Have you heard about the cat treat ‘dreamies’?

My cat becomes an absolute PSYCHO when I get these treats out.

So much so, that I have to put some on the outside doorstep and quickly shut the door so that she can’t keep chasing me for them!

It’s a bit concerning really. There must be some sort of addictive drug in there.

Nell is now in the habit of having a few each morning on the doorstep. She won’t eat her normal food until she has had some! A little spoilt if you ask me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the advert is real…

Is there a cat rehab?

Be warned!

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10 thoughts on “Be warned about the new cat treat…

  1. hmmmm… Those look a lot like the Temptations we get. Any idea if they are the same or not?

    If not, we may have to see if Dreamies are available in the US.

    • Just looking on google- they do look similar don’t they! And they are both made by the same company- mars… Seems odd why they’d change the name. They do that sometimes though, like our ‘galaxy’ chocolate here is called ‘dove’ in the US. Do you get temptations?

  2. allpowerfulwarriorgodess

    HAHA!! I wouldn’t be suprised if the ad was real 🙂 so cute!! x

  3. Interesting! Haven’t seen those in SG 🙂 Btw I noticed that the eyes of the cat on your mural is completely dark!

  4. Wow, I wont be giving these cats around here those treats…There are too many of them, and they would take the wall out. I have two of them on my latest post actually…they too are Dreamies, in a matter of speaking.

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