The Dubliners 50th anniversary… What’s your memory?

With the Dubliners 50th anniversary tour this year, I decided to dedicate a post to these legends…

I’ve been brought up on their stuff, so it’s hard to decide a favourite.

But the song ‘McAlpines Fusileers’ is right up there, as it reminds me of my Dad and his work life experiences through the years.

I couldn’t find my favourite rendition on youtube, so I decided to upload it myself, along with some photos (you’ll see it’s a song that brings a lot of graphic imagery into my head!).

The gravelly voiced singer is Ronnie drew, one of the original members who died in 2008… One of a kind!

I love the violin in the background- do you hear the bittersweet tone to it?


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3 thoughts on “The Dubliners 50th anniversary… What’s your memory?

  1. I did not realize The Dubliners had been around that long! My friend and I encouraged each other in all things Irish from a young age, so I have listened to their rad beats (having started in the very early ’90’s) for quite a while.

    Thanks for sharing! I had not heard them in a few years.

  2. Great post…it is inspiring how often people from all over the world value a small country, because it has so much soul.

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