My motorbike is older than me!

A decade older! Still, not bad for a first bike eh?

As suggested by my buddy Nina, I’ve named him after the stealth Jungle Book cat… ‘Bagheera’.

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6 thoughts on “My motorbike is older than me!

  1. cyberbonn

    nice chopper 🙂

  2. Watch out for average motorist, they’re out to get you. Keep your headlight on, pass your test and aim for a Fireblade next time….

    • Thanks for the advice! Why in particular, a fire blade?

      • Ah, what do I know about bikes apart from it hurts if you fall off? The Fireblade is a quick machine, and I don’t do slow. I know you like chats, my worst bike accident was caused by a cat, at about 20 one ran across in front of me, I braked so hard I went over the handlebars & big did that hurt. The cat ran off and was ok!

      • Oh dear!! You went over the handlebars! My closest animal related accident came the other day when a pigeon nearly flew into my face! Wait, who told you I liked cats?… So weird… :p

  3. nice… 🙂

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