Panic! Stamp prices rise tomorrow!

It might mean an empty piggy bank, but I like to look upon it as long term investment…

Those blue stamps you see will go up in value tomorrow by 39%!! And the gold by 30%. And I will use them.

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8 thoughts on “Panic! Stamp prices rise tomorrow!

  1. Then you should send me a postcard from Old Blighty! I don’t get nearly enough post from back home 😉

  2. I just buy the “Forever” stamps (here in the USA) and that way I’m never caught off guard! And I rarely write letters that need to be mailed anymore (but I do mail out birthday and holiday cards!!!)

    • What are ‘forever’ stamps?? Ah, I never used to write letters, but now I love writing and receiving letters by hand… The only problem is finding time!

      • “Forever” stamps are stamps that you can buy that have “forever” written on them and when the price of stamps goes up you can still use them without having the buy add’l stamps to use with the old stamps for the increased postage. We have regular stamps, too, but I just buy the “Forever” stamps now.

      • ah really! well, these are I suppose like forever stamps in a way. I only need a 2nd class stamp to send a letter (the blue ones), so however much the price of a 2nd class stamp rises, it doesn’t matter- you still only need a 2nd class stamp to send a letter. if that makes sense! Tomorrow the price of stamps rises… so the value of the stamps i bought yesterday rises with it! wow, that was long-winded sorry! cooool

      • I understand!!! It’s like us being able to buy “Forever” stamps! The value of those stamps goes up for us, too (well, the stamps we have already purchased before the price hike). Very cooool, indeed!!! 😉

  3. Good investment – sometimes in life it pays to be tough on yourself now to be stronger in the future.
    We spent years being broke in order to pay off the mortgage, at the age of 43 we became “debt free”, at the age of 53 I still hear people moaning they have to “pay off the mortgage” and lack freedom. Mind you there is one debt I can never repay…….!

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