Always look on the bright side…

The UK is sunny!… HAIKU

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My motorbike is older than me!

A decade older! Still, not bad for a first bike eh?

As suggested by my buddy Nina, I’ve named him after the stealth Jungle Book cat… ‘Bagheera’.

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Feeling lonely this New Years Eve?

I’m writing this post no more than five hours before the new year 2012, as I’m drying my hair for the big doo!

It struck me that on a day when most people are expected to be ‘happy’, actually that probably causes a lot of people to be more sad, or lonely. Think about it…

Not everyone has a party to go to, which must make you feel worse if you’re imagining people having a fantastic night.

Or even those that are out at a party… That big countdown at midnight may not turn out as  as great as you expected. Often these big days leave us a little disappointed. I know I’ve been in nightclubs where although it’s packed, I’ve felt like the loneliest person in the world.

I suppose Jesus is the only person to have ever been truly lonely- when He undeservedly took on all of our burdens on the cross, being cut-off from His Father. At least we still have God with us, even though most wouldn’t acknowledge it.

So if you are feeling lonely, bear in mind that the greatest act ever was given to us partially by loneliness. And more importantly, if you haven’t found God yet- remember that we’re the ones that turned our backs from Him… He is the one seeking you!

Have an awesome New Year!


Crooked cat I found (in co. Donegal, Ireland)

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