Just another day in the head

Panic! Stamp prices rise tomorrow!

It might mean an empty piggy bank, but I like to look upon it as long term investment…

Those blue stamps you see will go up in value tomorrow by 39%!! And the gold by 30%. And I will use them.

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The time is NOW.

This time last year:

I thought Christianity was dull.

I thought it was irrelevant.

I thought it was untrue.

Have you ever thought about how we’re passengers of time?

It picks us up… And at some point, time lets us go and carries on it’s way.

The only thing that remains constant with time is the truth.

But have you ever stopped and considered, what is really true?

Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life…’

What kind of nutter goes around saying stuff like that??… Is there really any truth to his claim?

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What horror movie could this picture be from?


This is a picture of my Gran on a swing


I took it thinking it was really cute.

But I now feel differently…

My cousin said it looks like a scene from a creepy horror movie!

But I can’t think which one… Do you know?

Or could this be a new horror movie idea?

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Do your hands tell a story?

I love HANDS. Why? Because everyone’s hands tell a story. They’re so personal.

I know a girl who started crying when thinking about her late grandmothers hands. They bring back vivid memories.

… Memories that you can almost physically touch.

My Grandad’s are big, old, strong and veiny from all the years spent (and still at the mighty age of 90) farming.

What is that stain Granda?

I love the permanent black stain on his forefinger from prodding the tobacco into his pipe!

Who has your favourite hand(s)?

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What is your ‘semi-realistic’ ideal job?

There’s the ‘dream’ job, for example being a singer even though you don’t have the vocals… See my friend in figure 1.

Fig 1: I know you can’t hear him, but Dom really shouldn’t quit his day job

Then there’s the ‘unrealistic ideal’ job, like being the successor of David Attenborough in his adventurous role (see my cat in figure 2). Do-able, possibly, but I wouldn’t count on getting that job!

Fig 2. ‘The predator has its eyes fixed on the prize (said in a husky voice)

But then there’s the ‘semi-realistic ideal’ job, which yesterday I think I found…

Owning a bed and breakfast!

Just imagine the weird and wonderful people you could have walking through your door each day!

It’s certainly within the realms of doing. Mind, I’d need a big house. And if I wanted to make a living from it there’d have to be plenty of rooms, meaning most of the day would be spent doing domestic duties. Hmmm (see fig. 3). Still, it seems kind of cool don’t you think?

Welcome to my B&B… A welcome banner, old folks on the porch, and a lovely smile from the host.

Probably a pipe dream…

What would be your ideal job, that is fairly realistic to achieve?

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