Veggie Cat

Never seen a cat eating lettuce before!

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Just when I thought I was seeing cats…

I was on the train last week, happily listening to music when something stealthily brushed past the corner of my eye. I turned to see a grey cat roaming past my seat.

I blinked.

Then I leaned over and looked down the aisle to check… Sure enough, a cat was prowling, or more like patrolling through the train. ‘Tickets please!’- No, not the cat, that was the driver.

Anyway, before I could question my eyesight, the owner came dashing to pick her up!

I followed the women back to her source, and guess what I found…

A bunch of kittens!

Made my day.

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Be warned about the new cat treat…

Have you heard about the cat treat ‘dreamies’?

My cat becomes an absolute PSYCHO when I get these treats out.

So much so, that I have to put some on the outside doorstep and quickly shut the door so that she can’t keep chasing me for them!

It’s a bit concerning really. There must be some sort of addictive drug in there.

Nell is now in the habit of having a few each morning on the doorstep. She won’t eat her normal food until she has had some! A little spoilt if you ask me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the advert is real…

Is there a cat rehab?

Be warned!

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Cats – The reason some women stay single

Cats – The reason some women stay single.

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Have you ever seen a cat purrrrrrraying?

Major brownie points to my friend Linda… what a thoughtful gift this is!

Let's prrrrrray

Well, I can’t promote it theologically but still, it put a smile on my face đŸ™‚

Checkout cats in the nativity set here

Happy Sunday!

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Do you like cats?

If so, I can help you learn the phrase ‘I like cats’ in many languages. Whenever I meet someone who speaks another language fluently, I get them to write down this phrase for me. Why? Apart from genuinely being fond of felines, the phrase does come in handy sometimes, or at least I enjoy the collecting and reciting process… You may scoff my friend, but surely it’s more exciting than a stamp collection? (I used to have one, so I can say that)

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