Went in for the humble trim, came out with… Feathers??

It’s not something I’d usually even think about getting, but when I was in the hairdressers yesterday I thought, why not?

One step closer to flying…

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The time is NOW.

This time last year:

I thought Christianity was dull.

I thought it was irrelevant.

I thought it was untrue.

Have you ever thought about how we’re passengers of time?

It picks us up… And at some point, time lets us go and carries on it’s way.

The only thing that remains constant with time is the truth.

But have you ever stopped and considered, what is really true?

Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life…’

What kind of nutter goes around saying stuff like that??… Is there really any truth to his claim?

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The Dubliners 50th anniversary… What’s your memory?

With the Dubliners 50th anniversary tour this year, I decided to dedicate a post to these legends…

I’ve been brought up on their stuff, so it’s hard to decide a favourite.

But the song ‘McAlpines Fusileers’ is right up there, as it reminds me of my Dad and his work life experiences through the years.

I couldn’t find my favourite rendition on youtube, so I decided to upload it myself, along with some photos (you’ll see it’s a song that brings a lot of graphic imagery into my head!).

The gravelly voiced singer is Ronnie drew, one of the original members who died in 2008… One of a kind!

I love the violin in the background- do you hear the bittersweet tone to it?


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What do you make of beauty?

Do you ever look around and think WOW, isn’t this place beautiful??

Why is it that we can be left breathless when we see, for example, the sun setting over the horizon? Or a misty waterfall?

Even finding out how these things work scientifically doesn’t strip nature of its splendour!

How can we ‘meaningless pieces of protoplasm’ be filled with such awe?

Could it be a pointer that we’re more than that?

A pointer to God… A living stamp of His magnificence!

Tay road bridge (last week)… One reason to get up early in the morning!

‘He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.’ (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

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Be warned about the new cat treat…

Have you heard about the cat treat ‘dreamies’?

My cat becomes an absolute PSYCHO when I get these treats out.

So much so, that I have to put some on the outside doorstep and quickly shut the door so that she can’t keep chasing me for them!

It’s a bit concerning really. There must be some sort of addictive drug in there.

Nell is now in the habit of having a few each morning on the doorstep. She won’t eat her normal food until she has had some! A little spoilt if you ask me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the advert is real…

Is there a cat rehab?

Be warned!

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What horror movie could this picture be from?


This is a picture of my Gran on a swing


I took it thinking it was really cute.

But I now feel differently…

My cousin said it looks like a scene from a creepy horror movie!

But I can’t think which one… Do you know?

Or could this be a new horror movie idea?

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Do your hands tell a story?

I love HANDS. Why? Because everyone’s hands tell a story. They’re so personal.

I know a girl who started crying when thinking about her late grandmothers hands. They bring back vivid memories.

… Memories that you can almost physically touch.

My Grandad’s are big, old, strong and veiny from all the years spent (and still at the mighty age of 90) farming.

What is that stain Granda?

I love the permanent black stain on his forefinger from prodding the tobacco into his pipe!

Who has your favourite hand(s)?

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Would you invite Jesus to your party?

I used to think Jesus was just a good, moral teacher. I assumed he was always serious and probably a bit of a drag to have around.

Since reading the historical accounts of him, I couldn’t have been more wrong! There is an aspect of Him that I once overlooked, that is, Jesus was extremely sociable!

It’s shocking just how much people wanted to be around Jesus. He was hugely popular considering at the time on paper he was just a random homeless guy.

But the crowds swarmed around him. People were desperate to even touch his clothes. Many travelled for days just to see for themselves what the fuss was about.

He was that guy who got invited to all the parties.

He was popular with the ladies (especially unique considering how women were viewed back then)

The children loved him.

Jesus genuinely cared for every single person; he even hung out with the biggest outcasts in his society, including prostitutes, lepers and tax-collectors.

He was simply a delight to be around.

Sounds like the ultimate guy.

Of course, that’s not the whole story. What with tearing down temple markets and coming out with controversial claims such as ‘I have not come to bring peace but a sword’ – Jesus didn’t come simply to be Mr Happy Chap. If this man was telling the truth, he came to bring the most important message of all time. That he was coming to save the world… Sounds pretty outrageous doesn’t it?

What kind of guy claims to be equal with God? 

Consequently, all of this exasperated the people around him… Leading to a mixed bag of views.

What is your view?

Those that didn’t seem to like him were ironically, the most religious folk of his day.

I wonder why?

Taken the other morning... It looked like a (many fingered) handprint in the sky!

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Cats – The reason some women stay single

Cats – The reason some women stay single.

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What is your ‘semi-realistic’ ideal job?

There’s the ‘dream’ job, for example being a singer even though you don’t have the vocals… See my friend in figure 1.

Fig 1: I know you can’t hear him, but Dom really shouldn’t quit his day job

Then there’s the ‘unrealistic ideal’ job, like being the successor of David Attenborough in his adventurous role (see my cat in figure 2). Do-able, possibly, but I wouldn’t count on getting that job!

Fig 2. ‘The predator has its eyes fixed on the prize (said in a husky voice)

But then there’s the ‘semi-realistic ideal’ job, which yesterday I think I found…

Owning a bed and breakfast!

Just imagine the weird and wonderful people you could have walking through your door each day!

It’s certainly within the realms of doing. Mind, I’d need a big house. And if I wanted to make a living from it there’d have to be plenty of rooms, meaning most of the day would be spent doing domestic duties. Hmmm (see fig. 3). Still, it seems kind of cool don’t you think?

Welcome to my B&B… A welcome banner, old folks on the porch, and a lovely smile from the host.

Probably a pipe dream…

What would be your ideal job, that is fairly realistic to achieve?

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