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Veggie Cat

Never seen a cat eating lettuce before!

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Just when I thought I was seeing cats…

I was on the train last week, happily listening to music when something stealthily brushed past the corner of my eye. I turned to see a grey cat roaming past my seat.

I blinked.

Then I leaned over and looked down the aisle to check… Sure enough, a cat was prowling, or more like patrolling through the train. ‘Tickets please!’- No, not the cat, that was the driver.

Anyway, before I could question my eyesight, the owner came dashing to pick her up!

I followed the women back to her source, and guess what I found…

A bunch of kittens!

Made my day.

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Be warned about the new cat treat…

Have you heard about the cat treat ‘dreamies’?

My cat becomes an absolute PSYCHO when I get these treats out.

So much so, that I have to put some on the outside doorstep and quickly shut the door so that she can’t keep chasing me for them!

It’s a bit concerning really. There must be some sort of addictive drug in there.

Nell is now in the habit of having a few each morning on the doorstep. She won’t eat her normal food until she has had some! A little spoilt if you ask me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the advert is real…

Is there a cat rehab?

Be warned!

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Cats – The reason some women stay single

Cats – The reason some women stay single.

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What is your ‘semi-realistic’ ideal job?

There’s the ‘dream’ job, for example being a singer even though you don’t have the vocals… See my friend in figure 1.

Fig 1: I know you can’t hear him, but Dom really shouldn’t quit his day job

Then there’s the ‘unrealistic ideal’ job, like being the successor of David Attenborough in his adventurous role (see my cat in figure 2). Do-able, possibly, but I wouldn’t count on getting that job!

Fig 2. ‘The predator has its eyes fixed on the prize (said in a husky voice)

But then there’s the ‘semi-realistic ideal’ job, which yesterday I think I found…

Owning a bed and breakfast!

Just imagine the weird and wonderful people you could have walking through your door each day!

It’s certainly within the realms of doing. Mind, I’d need a big house. And if I wanted to make a living from it there’d have to be plenty of rooms, meaning most of the day would be spent doing domestic duties. Hmmm (see fig. 3). Still, it seems kind of cool don’t you think?

Welcome to my B&B… A welcome banner, old folks on the porch, and a lovely smile from the host.

Probably a pipe dream…

What would be your ideal job, that is fairly realistic to achieve?

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Have you ever seen a cat purrrrrrraying?

Major brownie points to my friend Linda… what a thoughtful gift this is!

Let's prrrrrray

Well, I can’t promote it theologically but still, it put a smile on my face 🙂

Checkout cats in the nativity set here

Happy Sunday!

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