They may be a little odd but, I do love my new shoes

Why? … It’s the year of the Panda!

And with the Birkenstock sole, they’re super comfy!

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The original film ‘Heart of the Ocean’ revealed…

I came across a Titanic historian in my hometown last night (random huh?). He lives and breathes everything titanic!

Before I left him, he whipped out this…

The one that was meant to be used for the film

He was very protective of it. And rightly so! This is the original ‘heart of the Ocean’. Well, it was the one that came out as first choice for the film, but it was accidentally snapped from Kate Winslet’s neck in the dressing room before it made filming!

So this guy bought it as an engagement present to his fiancée (at a hefty price he did not reveal).

Here are a few of other things he showed us…

With thanks to the St Helens Titanic Project 2012

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Went in for the humble trim, came out with… Feathers??

It’s not something I’d usually even think about getting, but when I was in the hairdressers yesterday I thought, why not?

One step closer to flying…

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